Jamie Mahoney

Using a mix of attachment theory, strategic therapy, and experiential approaches, you can be sure Jamie will keep you engaged and motivated to show up to sessions where you will participate in more than just talk therapy. Jamie obtained her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Wheaton College and describes herself as a “systems thinker.” She welcomes the opportunity to meet with families, couples, or adult individuals. She has a special interest in working with couples navigating ADHD, families with older children, and individuals struggling with codependency. 

Jamie is only available for telehealth appointments at this time. Jamie is well-versed in virtual therapy and brings the same warm compassion to a screen that she would in a therapy room. Clients under her care often feel genuinely accepted by her welcoming presence and strategically challenged in the areas that matter to make lasting change.

Jamie Amitrano, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist
Nicholas Dunkas M.D. and Associates
email: jamie@evanstonpsych.com
phone: 630-797-9871

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