Peter Hsin

Provider and Contact

Dr. Peter Hsin is a board certified general psychiatrist.  He completed his medical degree at Rush Medical College and completed his General Psychiatry residency at Loyola University Medical Center.  Although he is trained to treat psychiatric conditions of all ages, he generally does not treat those under 18 years of age.  He is an expert psychopharmacologist and most of his time is dedicated to doing medication management.  He treats all standard psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, ADHD and psychotic disorders.  A product of island culture, his patients appreciate his laid-back demeanor.  He is generally on schedule (within 5 minutes) and is especially good for a physician.  He does not use an answering service and patients contact him directly on his cell phone.

Have you tried multiple medications and found them intolerable or ineffective?  Dr. Hsin offers pharmacogenomic testing.  The test is safe and sequences for your exact genotype for various liver enzymes and markers for serotonin and other neurotransmitter systems.  It predicts which medications needs to be specially dosed for you and if certain neurotransmitter systems are more or less likely to work for you.  If you have failed 2 or more psychotropic medications, you should be considered for pharmacogenetic testing.  The days of pure guesswork are over.
Phone:  (847) 773-5544

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